Penny Pinching Asshole

To the fuckface bus driver who drives the Colby bus in the mornings. Thanks for announcing to the whole bus I was 5 cents short on my bus fare. Thanks to you and your two cents worth, I had to put an extra LOONIE in - cuz that was all I had. You just had to say something. Do those 5 pennies come off your pay check? Like, I KNOW the fare is $2.25 you smug fuck. Could you not talk just to hear the sound of your own voice? Thanks to you I didn't have enough for the bus fare back home and had to bum a ride from my cranky father. Next time shut the fuck up and drive the bus, ASSHOLE! Metro transit, you are such sticklers for exact fare, what do you do with the surplus when people like me are forced to put in a whole loonie? This world has no humanitarians anymore, it's become an ugly place full of money grubbers. FUCK YOU! —Pissed on the Bus

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