Expansion-Pak-Less Ladies Seek Justice

Hey asshole, we are two lovely strong young women who live in some undisclosed part of Halifax. Once, in our tiny house, a long time ago, we had a sweet sweet n64 (actually we still have it, but that's not the point, because now it is USELESS for playing Zelda: Majora's Mask!!!) that we loved to play sweet games on. One year for christmas, we got AN EXPANSION PAK HOLY SHIT...and the new version of Zelda since we had let our older boy cousins (with moustaches) beat the first game for us because we were small and scared of the boss at the end. Spooky.

ANYWAY, once we got the expansion pak we were psyched on playing Majora's Mask... however, at some undetermined point in time between 1999 - 2006, YOU STOLE OUR EXPANSION PAK. Asshole.

Now we're older and educated and wish to continue where we left off in Majora's Mask... we never beat it... SO DROP IT OFF IN THE ENJOY HALIFAX CRAFT BOX ON BELL ROAD YOU DICK. Plz. —Two Ladies Who Learned Not to Knife Dem Chickens

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