Lock the Door

I don't know what is wrong with my family and their inability to lock the doors in this house. It's 11:34 pm and the back door is unlocked, once more, even though I've already made my rounds to lock all the doors. I heard my dad open the door and knew that I would have to, once more, lock that fuckin door.

I always say, lock the doors, I don't feel like getting stabbed and robbed so maybe you could lock the doors, and they ask how often that happens, the stabbing and the robbing, and then I say, why wait till it happens? I'm pretty sure I won't enjoy it so why wait till it happens? Why not prevent it? It's not like you don't read about it in the paper and hear about it on the news. The local paper and news. So, an ounce of prevention is worth a litre of blood and a complete, almost, Sony ES setup from '87. I'd say, and I do say again and again, I say, but to no avail.

Just twist that little thing, and turn that other thing. Done. Do it when you come in. Make it a habit. Don't even think about it, just make it a habit. It's hardly a bother and you won't have to hear my sarcastic comments... about the unlocked doors. —I Like My Blood and I Like My Stuff

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