Feeling Hateful Towards Everyone Right Now

Ok, so I'm lucky. I just returned from 2 weeks of vacation and I get back and all those lazy fucks I work with are here but then they leave to go jack off somewhere or some other useless thing that men do and this office is a nightmare. I look around and the place is filthy. And I mean GROSS. It's old, drafty and nasty anyway but really? C'mon, guys! I walk in and am immediately assailed by the stench of rotting food, mold and mildew. The floors are covered in mud, dirt and christ only knows what else. So then I swept, and swept, and mopped and remopped, then remopped again using bleach, cleaned everything like a mad woman, took out gross garbage bags that were overflowing on the floor, scrubbed some dried shit off the toilet and wiped piss off the floor and walls, bleached the sink and I have on my new clothes that are now scuzzy and my hair looks just like the giant brillo pad I used to scrub the shit away. I am hot, and hateful. Do they even see it? Do they even give a flying fuck that they are spending 9 hours a day in a pig sty? If I didn't clean it, would they just slowly die in here, suffocate under tons of half eaten food and garbage? Maybe catch a little hantavirus from the rodent droppings laying on our desks and around the floor, or something worse from that filthy bathroom that looks like it belongs on a fucking tv beg-a-thon show from India? Are these work conditions even allowed in Canada? Am I even in Canada? Anyway, to my gross coworkers... you make me want to gag and I feel sorry for all your wives. Fucking twats. —Not a Nice Girl

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