Shitty Morning

To the person who took a dump in the entryway to my store very early on Sunday morning... fuck you! I'm not sure if you were a homeless person, or just drunk, but I would really like to know why you felt the need to, not only shit in our entryway, but smear it all over the front door of the small business I work for. Maybe you just had to go, but there are several empty store front entryways all along the street, and you chose to do it in one of the only ones along the street that is occupied. Not only do you disgust me, phantom pooper, but the half hour early I arrived to work was supposed to be spent having a brunch, something I was unable to do because I was cleaning your shit off the door for half an hour. Thanks asshole. I hope you have to clean shit off your front door someday. —A Disgusted, Disgruntled Retail Worker

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