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I'm going to get flamed for this, but fuck it. I'm jealous of the U.S's stance on "Open/Concealed Carry".

With all the bullshit that goes on in this city, (muggings, shootings, attempted rapes, "gang" related activity) I'm pretty pissed off at the lack of police response for crimes.

I barely even feel safe walking around Highfield on a weekday night, let alone Halifax on a weekend. Everyone's heard of someone getting stabbed, or shot at, or raped, or have their house broken into to find some fucking weirdo watching them sleep.

I wish we had "carry" laws similar to the U.S. Complete an application, get exhaustive background checks, have an interview with someone in the police department, take some courses to prove you can handle a weapon, and then have the PRIVILEGE to carry said weapon. (Mind you, anyone who lawfully uses any weapon in self-defense would have to prove that they were just in using it to prevent grievous bodily harm to themselves or others).

I know a lot of you will say, "blah blah, guns aren't the answer, guns are evil, etc, etc." but that's another argument. We need a system set in place so that every citizen can at least defend themselves in SOME manner. A firearm is a deterrent, whether open or concealed. Criminals can carry anytime/anything they want, but the average John can't even carry a KNIFE without getting harassed by law enforcement.

I have been robbed before, and it is not fun. I didn't even bother to call the HRP, because frankly, they don't do shit all. Ask any officer, and they'll mention "reasonable force." If a criminal is stabbing you to death, you're only allowed to use an equal amount of force to end the confrontation. Or, you can just run away. I, for one, would NEVER argue with any combination of numbers such as: .357, .44, 9x19, etc.

If all these criminals can carry weapons without a goddamn care in the world, then we should be able to as well. Hell, it's a right of ours as well to "keep and bear arms". So legal gun owners are criminal scum too, right? Just ask the Liberals.

—Walking around, half-cocked

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