Birds of a F*ck Feather

To the male leap-frogging f*cking pig idiots flocking daily in the place that I must be: f*ck you, f*ck off, go f*ck yourselves, f*ck your mothers, f*ck your dogs, f*ck your disinterested wives or girlfriends or boyfriends, f*ck a hole in a microwaved f*cking watermelon, f*ck a bar of soap in hot tub while your closet case buddies watch... Just go take a flying f*ck off a short pier. You're all so petty and small. Know that when I'm out of there, if I ever come across any of you- I will coolly and surely take my revenge for having to put up with your silly asses. And I'll enjoy it. —Not F*cking Around

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