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To the jackass pack of students picking on the rose man at a pub on Spring Garden Road: What the fuck is your problem?? That man had a head injury which makes speech difficult but did you know that he's AT LEAST as intelligent as all of you put together? He's a serious chess player. He's a smart man. And even if he weren't, what gives you the right to make fun of the way he talks when myself and my friends had to sit there and listen to your redneck drawl all evening? Let me tell you something else about that guy, he is a fixture around Halifax. He brings happiness and love to everyone he meets. He's been here probably longer than you've even been alive.

You're outsiders. You just came here. And here's my friendly piece of advice to you: You'd better figure out how things work around here or you're not going to be made feel very welcome. Though given the level of intelligent conversation you were able to carry off, I imagine it won't be long before you flunk out of whatever institution was stupid enough to take you and you'll have to run back to mommy and daddy with your tails between your legs like the dumbasses you are.

Seriously, get out of my city. You're not wanted here. And if I see your faces in my neighbourhood again, I'll tell you as much. —Flower Girl

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