A General Bitch

I am a vehicle owner, however I take the public transit to work due to the crazy parking fees downtown and some people on a bus really should learn how to 'BE' in public.

1) Talking on a cell phone so loud that people at the other end of the bus can hear as though you were right next to them... Please.. no one finds you as interesting as you may think. 2) The people who choose to sit next to you when there are about 30 other free seats. People who simply do not shower or smell like SHIT and the bad breath that people seem so blissfully unaware that they have. CHEW SOME GUM!! 3) People who cough or do other gross things and do not cover their mouth.

Non-bus related bitch:

4) If someone holds a door open for you, or lets you out in traffic when they see that you're going to be there for a while... SAY THANK YOU or give a wave! What cave did you grow up in that you have no manners?? 5) When driving on a highway... I don't know about the rest of you, but personally, it makes my blood boil when you're in a passing lane and there is someone also in a passing lane NOT passing. Get OUT of the passing lane unless you are actually passing people. Jeesh!!! 6) Last pet peeve of the day, even though there are many more... If you're bitter that you work at a low paying job or are doing something you don't want to do and then act like it's an inconvenience that I've asked you to make me a sandwich, smoothie, anything that is within your job description, then perhaps you should seek new employment, instead of being a bitter bitch like you're making me turn into. —Where is the Common Sense?

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