I See a Pattern Here

Ok, I really do see a pattern to the way people drive in this city. And it is very fucking annoying. But it appears that there is a huge percentage of drivers (just continue reading the bitch reports & how many are driver related) that just are NOT paying attention to what and who is around them. Turning into lanes with cars that are there, never using turning signals is huge here. Oh and for those that are in the habit of hitting the signal AFTER you have already slowed and are turning? It is there to let the drivers have an idea of what the car in front of them is doing. It's a little thing called safety, and let's not forget thoughtful. But it shows that people are not paying attention to anything but what is immediately in front of them. Like the ones that will stop traffic to let someone cut into traffic, never minding that they are inconveniencing all the traffic behind them, so they can think they are being considerate. Pay attention to your environment people, it's why you have sensory organs in the first place. If you can't do that, you shouldn't be given a licence. THINK before you even get in the fucking car, not like the incredibly stupid woman driving (swerving more like it) the Cavalier down Brunswick St this morning. Almost hit a car in front of her because she is talking on the cell phone AND putting make-up on at the same time she is supposed to be driving. I pull up behind her and her rearview mirror is turned completely towards her so she has no idea what is behind her. Trust me she wasn't looking at her doors' mirrors. That is what prompted this bitch... that bitch. So for all you terrible self centred drivers out there, read the bitch column more often, it's only a matter of time till you're mentioned. —Think Before You Drive

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