Farmers' Market

Epic Fail for a certain farmers' market. Parking? Forget about it... there's rarely any and you end up driving around and around while trying not to flatten people who are jaywalking and bicycles riding on sidewalks not paying attention. Vendors? Severely overpriced! $6/lb for green peppers? $11/lb for lobster? Everything is overpriced, sometimes double to triple what you can purchase it for elsewhere. Tip to the vendors: if you want to sell your wares, pay attention to the customers and not your blackberry/texting. Keeping the doors open to the "Garbage/Compost Room" and having the aroma of rotting trash spreading among the vendors unlucky enough to be nearby is repulsive. The shoppers: pushy, and way too many massive strollers being pushed by unruly parents. Arts and crafts? Talk about the gathering of the artsy fartsy "save the earth" granolas. The majority of the stuff these people sell isn't worth the price tag. The website and the individual vendor blurbs for the market are plagued with grammatical and punctuation errors (all by the vendors), and "AB" is not the province you are from if your farm is in Berwick, Annapolis, or Hants County. Sorry, but the 6 of us that decided to try out the market this weekend have all voted never to return. —Spending Our Money Elsewhere

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