Religious Tolerance (But Only if you're Christian?)

I'm not sure if it's media fueled misinformation, or just a lack of knowledge, but it seems like there is a pretty big bias in Halifax against the Muslim community. My little taste of this came from when I posted a few ads around certain Halifax forums in hopes of finding some people who would be able to chit-chat about Islam---I'm genuinely interested in learning about the religion and history---I think, "Hey, it's Halifax, there are probably lots of friendly Muslim people who'd wanna talk in an intellectual non-threatening manner". And there were! You know what there are also a lot of? Ignorant racist bigots. My inbox was flooded with everything from people telling me to go back to my own country (I'm Canadian... and Caucasian. That one really didn't make much sense) to pleas for me to convert to Christianity, and that I'd go to hell if I didn't. I think the best one told me that Christians wouldn't go to other countries pushing their religion down other people's throats. Something told me that person never took history.

Just for kicks, I posted the same ad substituting Christianity for Islam. Nothing racist, nothing threatening, nothing telling me my soul is going to be damned. And a few Church invites. Ok, cool. So people are cool with me asking about Christianity, but not Islam? Religion is not for everybody. No, I don't think people should force their views on others. No, I don't think you should make fun or get angry because someone is religious. We don't have the right to attack other people's thoughts. I just wanted to ask some questions, but apparently I chose the wrong religion to ask about in Halifax. —Isolated Potential Convert

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