Hey "Gangstas": Get a Life.

So, this bitch is way overdue. I'm sick of all the idiot kids (12-22) running around causing problems. Why can't the Youth Justice system get its head out of its ass? The newspapers SHOULD be able to name young offenders (especially if they have previous charges).

I'm sick of all the kids wearing "colours". They don't even know where the gangs started, so why would they be flying gang colours? Go to LA and try to "bang". See what happens. Just because you saw it in a LITTLE WAYNE video, doesn't mean you can do that shit in Nova Scotia. You aren't fooling anyone...

No one cares how "hard" you are. Stay the fuck in school, and maybe you won't have to live off the system that I help pay to support. "Oh, it's okay, I get fed if I go to jail." Yeah, go fuck yourself. I'm sick of kids that think it's so cool to get locked up. Whatever happened to beating your kids? Oh no, can't allow that, we have to put them through the Justice system, and give them "probation" that they aren't going to follow, everyone knows that.

And this is to those "kids" at the Sackville bus terminal that went knife crazy... For one, you were wearing a goddamn AEROPOSTALE sweater, so there goes your street cred. Two, you both look about 12, not even old enough to GROW a beard. I'm surprised no one actually killed you, because if it was me you threw a fucking beer bottle at, I would have made you fucking eat your little wigger friend's undies. Believe it.

Too bad that HRP can't effectively do their job, if they could, it'd be way easier to walk down the damn street. I hope 2012 wipes out all you damn sleazebuckets. And PS. All the "new school" rappers suck. Listen to some REAL music, cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuz. —Taking No Shit

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