What Flavour Dip do you Want?

I was at my favorite chicken drive thru, and the lady asked me "Do you want dipping sauce with your order?" I asked, "What do you have?" She said, "Plum sauce, honey mustard sauce, honey, and BBQ." I thought to myself, "Well, I don't like plum sauce... I like almost every type of mustard, but not if they are going to drown the mustard in honey... I see no point in honey, because this ain't no pancake, and it's not like the honey will be used as something sticky for bbq smoke to stick to... mmm, BBQ!!! I know! I'll have the BBQ sauce!" So I say to the lady, "BBQ sauce please!" So I am feeling pretty good about myself. I chomp on a fry, take a slurp on my drink, and chomp into a chicken strip but not before I dipped it into my BBQ sauce. SPLATT!!!! I raspberried my food all over the inside of my car. Someone spilled pancake syrup on my chicken! WTF? I checked the label on the BBQ sauce, it says "SWEET BBQ". So let me get this straight, I can have any flavour dipping sauce for my chicken so long as it is sweet?!?! Did I miss the meeting on dipping sauces? —Sweet Enough Already, Give Me Something with Flavour

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