Online Sellers Irritation Syndrome

Ok folks, here we are, on the "WORLD WIDE" web. This is it. Right here in front of you, right bloody now. The single greatest source of (relatively) free information the history of man has yet to see. But somehow people haven't a clue how to use it, or are too lazy, you decide. BUT, for simple folks like us that are trying to scratch out some form of living in a tough economic time by selling items online. Some of these so-called buyers leave a lot to be desired in the way of both intelligence, as well as respect for the sellers. I like to think that my prices are on par with other sellers, fair, and I like to make sure that I include complete information about whatever product I'm selling in the ads I post. To make it easier for the buyers, eg:model numbers, manufacturers, year made, reviews, etc. and I usually place links to product information in the ads as well. Ok, I'm probably sounding like a whiner, but I cannot for the life of me get why people continue to ask questions that are answered if you clicked a link, or simply read the ad fully. Are we in the middle of history's greatest irony? We have access to all this information, but we are too lazy to follow a link? What does that say about these folks? And please, stop throwing offers at people selling online that are so low, they would have to be on crack to take it. They post prices for a reason, I get bartering, but throwing a couple bucks out there is simply an insult! Get real and use your heads... pleeezzzzzzzzzzz!!! —Learned to Read in the First Grade

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