Facebook Lemmings

I am so sick of seeing "Facebook is going to start charging monthly fees copy and paste this message so you dont have to pay". What the fucking fuck are these dummies who repost that crap thinking? Durr oh I better copy and paste this even though there's no way to track a status, and why the hell would you not have to pay because just because you posted some stupid status. Use your brains fuckwads. And to the one who said "oh I don't believe it but I'm reposting just in case" you are a total moron and I feel bad for your kids. Yes I could always delete half my Facebook list but this bitch is mostly about how fucking annoying gullible people are. I used to get ten "make a wish forward this to 8000 people and your crush will ask you out (tee hee) if you don't they will hate you (oh noes) and the girl from the ring will kill you" emails a week. Really? A fucking fictional character from a movie going to kill me if I don't forward his email? Auguhhhhhh! —Stupid Stupid Stupid

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