Spoiled Millionaire Athletes

Listen guys, just go back to work already. Stop shitting on your fans who support you. My cable bill is breaking my bank and I only have it so I can watch you guys in HD. I've bought your merchandise and proudly displayed your colours. I've been a fan of your sport since I can remember, having grown up in the (2nd) Jordan era.

You guys are all making great money (like 6 or 7 figures) to live your dreams. The problem is the organizations that pay you all this money aren't. They are losing money. Maybe some teams need to fold. Maybe harder salary caps are in order. All I know is this whole thing makes me sick, and I think I speak for every NBA fan on earth.

I'm not one of these "you get paid millions JUST to throw a ball through a hoop" people. I have a lot of respect for pro athletes, I think you deserve the money because you've sacrificed your whole lives. Getting a spot on a pro roster is no easy task, but surely those who foot the bill for the stadium maintenance, uniforms, logos, coaching/training staff deserve a chance at profit too. After all, you have millions guaranteed. —Yeah, I Know, Nobody Cares, Go Watch Your Stupid Hockey

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