Scent Free Please!

There are so many people living with illnesses that are affected negatively by scents. That's why government buildings are scent free, that's why many public buildings like universities and gyms are scent free, that's why it's actually against the law to wear scented products in a health office, clinic, or hospital in NS. Please realize that not only is that stinky stuff you bathe in and slather all over yourself putting at least 30% of people (not even including asthmatics and elderly) at risk for extreme in some cases life threatening allergic reactions, you're also paying a mint to kill yourself slowly. The chemicals and ingredients in your perfumed deodorant, body spray, shampoo, laundry detergent aren't regulated and are proven time and time again as dangerous to your health linked to a variety of illnesses. So if you absolutely must cover up your insecurity over your own BO with some spray you think will have the girls crawling all over you (you know unscented deodorant works just as well right?) be mindful of those of us going into a place marked "Scent Free" expecting to not die from an allergic reaction today, thanks. —Why the Heck Do You Think We Have a Whole NS Clinic Dedicated to Enviro-Illness?

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