Is the Grass Always Greener Where the Dogs are Shitting?

So, I'm standing on the front step of my Cork St. home Sunday night when a fucking degenerate scumbag walking his Lassie clone stop for a moment. His dog climbs up on my lawn and starts having a crap and around the midpoint he looks over and notices I'm standing there, uh-oh! He looks at me and says, "Don't have a bag, do ya?" I replied "No I don't, sorry." After his mutt was finished they both walked away, without saying a word. Thanks for that you fuckin' asshole. Maybe I'm missing something here but when did it become my responsibility to stock my house with dog shit bags? At least I remember what you and your ugly dog look like so you'll be seeing me the next time you walk by my house, believe that.

I don't know what's been happening lately. I try to do good things for people, I keep to myself and am very conscious of my neighbours and others but lately it seems like the real scum of this city keeps finding and fucking with me. —BabySitterKiller

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