You Should Be Ashamed of Yourselves

I'm so sick of hearing about beautiful young, talented, KIDS taking their lives because of people bullying them. How many more kids need to die to prove a point. Words DO hurt, more than they are given credit for. When will people learn? I've decided to try and start a "wave" of compliments, if you get one... give one, go crazy... talk to someone you haven't in awhile. Who knows, that one nice thing you say, could be the only nice thing they've heard all day.

Not only does bullying effect children and youth but also adults. When is it ever going to change? It won't. Not until each individual chooses to make a difference. Everyone has a story and people look right through them pass judgement. We live in a sick cruel world... and to anyone who was sick enough to laugh and forward that picture of the girl outside the bar, I hope you realize you contributed to her decision to take her own life. No one ever thinks, what if this was me. Just hell this will be funny to laugh at someone else's expense! Go fuck yourselves and check yourselves. We're all human.

The people who are doing the bullying probably want to kill themselves too, but instead they make others want to so they can feel good and think they are better because they can successfully put someone down. People have said some shit about me and done things that have made me want to die because it's like "who will miss me anyway?" If that thought crosses your mind, they aren't worth such thoughts, and when you get over the depressing moment, you'll be alright. It hurts, and people don't know their asses from their faces, they talk so much shit. We're all people and we all have feelings. People just like to pretend they're some hard ass famous person when in reality they're just some wanker who gets drunk & high at bars and doesn't do shit all and has nothing to show for all the shit they talk. No one is better than the other, I just wish people would fuckin realize that. —Die in a Fire, Painfully

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