The most Spoiled & Self-Entitled People in Canada

Are all you people who get off the Ferry at Lower Water Blind? Can you not see street signs and automated traffic signs? Contrary to what most Haligonians think; city by-laws DO NOT entitle you to walk where you want, when you want... holding up who you want. When faced with lights that dictate car and pedestrian right-of-ways, you have to defer to the light and not written by-laws. No wonder traffic is a mess here, you can't make a left hand turn because regardless of what lights tell them to do, pedestrians ignore it and keep right on going. For those of you that do this; I hope you get hit and I hope it cripples you because most of the time... it's you by-law breakers that are the biggest bitchers about automobiles!!!!!!! Oh and spare me your anger and pitiful retorts; go to any other city and you'll quickly find that people are NOT sympathetic to your "plight" as one might call it. In fact, the stupid people with lack of common sense will be the first to bitch about this post. I call you stupid because I've never seen a city where people just dash out in front of a 3000 lb car without any thought for their safety. What if the breaks fail?? What if something unexpected happens that prevents a driver from avoiding you?? I know the thought of a "Pedestrian City" is nice in theory, but this is reality and you people need to get smart and do it fast! God help any of you that visit Montreal (or any other normal city); you'll be dead within 5 min of hittin' the streets. Oh yeah, speaking of streets ... they're not for walking eh!!!! Tired of The Pedestrian Mentality

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