Get Over Yourself

I was on the bus today and it was actually a very pleasant bus trip... until this woman beside me decided to look up from her reading and decided that these two people across from us were laughing at her, mocking her and of course talking about her. She started to talk very loudly (so the whole bus could hear) about how she has anxiety and we should respect her, and that bureaucrats are everywhere, and everyone with a job is a bureaucrat, and it's not right to make fun of people with anxiety, it's ignorant.

Of everything you said old lady, the last 2 things were right. It isn't right to make fun of anyone regardless if they have a mental illness or not, and I actually felt a little bit of compassion for you until you kept ranting for another good five or more minutes about the same stuff. Finally I had enough and started to tell her that they weren't even talking to her and having a private conversation when she screams "I'M NOT TALKING TO YOU" and gets even more worked up that people are mocking her.

I just don't understand. Cause when she moved to the back of the bus 5 people moved to the front (you would think that would be a clue that no one wants to be around you... were not mocking you) and she started going on loudly yet again that they're mocking her too, and that people need to respect their elders.

Ya know what? Respect comes to those who give it. You were giving NO respect to anyone on the bus, I don't care if you have anxiety or not, it's NO excuse. Two of the gentlemen who moved to the front sat beside me, apparently you're a regular crazy on this bus, and apparently, your random bullshit rant started a little early today.

I just hope I never have to hear you on the bus ever again. —Wish I Brought My Headphones

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