I have positive things to say about winter, but this is a bitch board, so here goes.
1) Clean off your $%#^ vehicle! All of it! I am tired of driving on the highway getting pummeled by people's car ice caps.

2) When the highway is completely clear of snow and ice, you can drive over 40! Really! There are only so many places I can pass your sorry ass!

3) Stop driving up my ass when there's 4cm of snow per hour falling! It's harder to stop, and you're going to kill somebody!

4) Use your low gears to initiate a stop - much safer than the idiots who pump their brakes and fishtail, or worse, slam them on and do a 360 in traffic!

5) Why can't someone invent a fricking snowplow that DOESN'T deposit every ounce of slush in front of the newly-shoveled driveway? And why is it they do this in the middle of the night so when you go to bed your driveway's clear, but when you get up to go to work you have an abstract ice sculpture in front of your house that's impossible to shovel through?

6) When you see an elderly neighbour shoveling in a snowstorm, why don't you come over and help like some of us do instead of leaning on your shovel like you're waiting for them to have a heart attack? —Screw you, Winter Idiots

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