Using social media to exploit your religious beliefs sucks

Since it is the holidays and there seems to be controversy about using a particular greeting has the (loosely used term) Christians in an uproar. Some are now preaching on the social media sites to all their friends. I really like to use social media with friends for happy things, events, pictures, etc. Why are these people deciding that in 2011 it is appropriate to bring society back to the 1920’s slurring their religious beliefs like they are trying to convert a flock. Did we not learn back then that pushing religion is inappropriate & has brought nothing but bad to society and should be kept private or amongst your fellow believers. Honestly it is out of hand and many of these thumpers (who most have not even read the violence in the bible) are going to be deleted. I don’t know why these people really need the support and validation of their friends towards their beliefs. It seems like a pathetic attempt towards acceptance and a crazy illusion of superiority for them. There are many great minds that believe the only reason one follows faith is so they don’t have to think for themselves or accept their mistakes. They simply have something farfetched faith to believe and to blame things on when they don’t go right. Seriously, religion has only brought war, murder, bad feelings, isolation to people and cultures when it is being pushed on society. If you want to have a religious belief- have it. Just don’t push it on others that think you are just a weak minded person. Politics and Religion are the two things that shouldn’t be in a fun filled social media arena. —Someone Who Wants to Bring the Fun Back to Social Media

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