In Canada? That would never happen. Or will it?

This bitch is about the dangerously naive and trusting in Canada. You often say things like "hahaha, you pulled out the Hilter card, that would never happen in Canada" Really?!?!?!?! Let me ask you one question: What would it take for a Canadian government to round up foriegn Jews (or any other ethnic group) and ship them off to a gas chamber? Pretty far fetched question, eh? Well, not really... In WWII, the french gov, and the gov of the brit islands that fell under Nazi control, they "rounded up the Jews", the lands and people were policed and governed by local people under the leadership of the SS. The nazis rules the gov, not the people. My point: the local police and gov because part of the nazi murder machine. So what does it take for the Canadian gov to do such a horrible act? Well, based on history, it would only take a small group of people leading our government. —So Do You Really Think the Only Guns Should Belong to Police/Gov?

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