Pawn shop or con shop?

The engagement's off. So naturally, I figured I'd hock the ring. I took this $1700.00 one carat rock around to all the pawn shops in town. Each shop was run by some old miser of a man. Each equally-crochety old bastard spends 10 minutes hmmming and haaaaing, testing the stones, reading the papers, and asks, "what do you want to get for it?". I say, $500 would be nice. And then they laugh and guffaw right in my face like I've said something just hilarious! What is so damn funny? Then each guy ends up weighing it and says the same damn thing; "I can give you the price of the gold by weight". Apparently diamonds aren't worth anything? Do you old snake-eyed PRICKS think I'm stupid? Do you think I'm some junkie who's going to basically GIVE you a one carat diamond ring for the price of a crack rock? I will never step foot in another one of these hole-in-the-wall rip off shops again. Thanks for wasting my time you crooked old condescending FUCKS. —Shove Your Laughable Offer Up Your Geriatric Ass

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