This is for the stupid yellow tiny ass car taking up multiple spots around the downtown area. The transit strike has left the parking situation very bleak. I've never had an issue before mainly because I get downtown at apprx. 7:45am and park in the same area all the time. Since the strike I've had to leave earlier and that's ok, I just have to make that extra effort. However, you don't even understand the fury I was overcome with this morning after your little yellow VW jelly bean of a car was blocking up two perfectly usable, sizeable spots because you chose to park in the middle of a side street. I know that "you're entitled to do whatever you want to do blah blah blah" and technically you haven't broken any rules but gosh it's just irritating when I make the effort to park properly knowing that others will use the spots, especially now. Or is to too entitled of me to hope that people can park properly? —Ugh

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