Slugs & snails & dirty dogs gettin NO tail

Yo, this one is mainly for the men cuz ya'll be some dirty dogs. Did ya momma not learn you to wash your nasty ass properly? Why bother to take a shower and not soap up ya damn head? Jus' cuz you got short hair don't mean you never gotta wash that shit... you got my pillow case smellin like a dirty hairbrush. I had a boy over my crib to fix my toilet last week. He had his bare hands all wadin 'round inside the toilet tank and then never even washed them muthafuckas. Then he be all wanting to share my blunt afterwards. Ah HAIL NO, I said, go wash dem filthy mits first. Ya'll shouldn't need to be told but I will TELL you and I don't care if you get embarrassed neither! You is a GROWN ass MAN and I ain't getting sick for you cuz you too stupid to know simple hygiene and cleanliness. For real, my ex would go and pull the "shocker" on me... (I don't normally care for that but sometimes I get carried away in the heat of the moment), then two minutes later he be straight to the kitchen eatin a club sammich. My girlfriend told me she went back to a dude's house and seen his bed wit no sheets and all his curly little hairs were ingrained into the fabric of the mattress. Just weaved right in! Yes, he had quite a collection built up... now THAT shit's a turn-off. Bustin nuts off onto your bare mattress and sleepin on it night after night, skin cells flyin everywhere. I used to fuck wit this one guy til I found out he cleaned his entire house with the same rag, bathroom, kitchen - same rag. Ever hear of cross-contamination bitch? Then he wanna come around me kissin! No I don't want to kiss the lips, that have drank from cups, that have been washed with rags that also washed your toilet. —Um HAIL No!

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