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So I drive an SUV. Everywhere! But... my friend takes the bus to work, home, shopping, everywhere. I swore I would never use public transportation. Why? I own a vehicle. Why? I can afford the fuel. Why? My vehicle LOVES eating fossil fuel and belching carcinogens into the atmosphere. So my friend approaches me about going shopping and taking the Bayers Lake bus up to Bayers Lake and do walking and shopping there. "Leave the truck home and save fuel" she said. Guilt getting the better of me... I accepted. Then waited at the bus stop with half the people around and in the shelter smoking. Then got on the bus... it's free right now... awesome! But nobody is moving towards the back. There are people hanging on the rail in the front of the bus, the woman in front of me carries her full backpack on her back, and stops two steps into the bus. Somebody else is next to her, somebody behind that lady too. Back of the bus? Lots of room... nobody moves. I say "Can a few people move towards the back so we can get on here? Ma'am could you drop your bag off your back so people can get past you? Nothing happens... except the bus starts rolling... people are falling into each other, bus driver didn't say a word... not "people please move back." or anything. Nothing! I felt like I was on a transport to a death camp. The very next stop... I tell my friend.... who is still on the platform of the front of the bus... "Let's go. I am not doing this." and we get off. A $4000.00 bonus for signing? You don't ask people to move back so others can get on? Pull away when you know it isn't safe? I am keeping on driving in my gas guzzling, comfortable, safe, four wheel drive, full size SUV thank you very much. I feel bad for those who must use this public transportation. —Tried

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