WTF is going on?

I've recently changed my computer security software. Because of this change all my usual internet haunts require me to sign in each time. Ok, I'm good with that if it keeps my system safer fine. My bitch is WHY OH WHY is it that a Facecrack window comes up for me to sign into before I can log onto The Coast, Hotmail and other sites??? IF I wanted to go to FaceCRACK... I'd have bloody well gone there before trying to come here! IF you want to be part of the Facers, I get that, it's understandable that your brain is wired so you just can't help wanting to join all the other sheeple in that herd... that's what makes for a herd mentality. There is scientific evidence to back that up. But have you no pride in your own site? DO you really have to place your sign in as a tiny secondary/add on to the huge SIGN INTO FACECRACK LOGO? Just an FYI, there is also scientific proof that there are some animals that refuse to herd. Our only reason to even bother looking at the herd is to occasionally pick off a sickly or weak or inattentive one so we can kill it & eat it. No matter how fucking big the JOIN OUR HERD sign gets... WE WON'T EVER JOIN! —Watching For Strays

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