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I understand that a close shave is essential in comfort (after all, we don't want to tear up our ladies' faces when we kiss them, do we?), but when the fuck are the companies that produce razors going to stop at the number of blades the razors have? More blades = closer shave = pay more money. FUCK!!

They went from a single blade to two, two with a sensitive strip, then to three, then four and what are they up to now... five!? Will it stop when they reach a gazillion? The time when the shave is so close that it goes through all your tissue until all that is left is your skull.

The refills are never as good as the introductory sample or the first handle with blade that's goes on the market. That's where they suck you in: at the introduction to the "new" razor.

To tell you the truth I stopped buying the refills. They're more expensive than the first handle with blade anyways. I buy a pkg. of 5 or 6 disposables and rip the blades off them to use with my "Pro" handle. They're don't produce as close a shave but they still do the job. It's even worse with the razors for women!

I think I'll go wax. I mean... shave. —Thinking About Waxing My Face Because it Might Be Cheaper

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