Stuck up, conceited bitch

To the woman I was casually hooking up with for bit there, I ended our fling with you because I didn't want to have just sex, I wanted something a little more serious. And I wasn't interested in being serious with you because of personality differences. But I had this impression that you wanted to be official, so I cleared it up with you, ended our fling and said I didn't want you to think I wanted you as an official girlfriend. You chuckled at me and your response was something like: Why the hell would I want to be your serious girlfriend?? I have a university degree, a good career and my own place! I'm a successful business woman! You, on the other hand, are 5 years younger than me, work a min wage job, always broke and still living at home! I wouldn't wanna support your ass! Hate to be blunt, but your good enough to be a fuckbuddy and that's it... How can you possibly think someone like me would go legit with someone like you?!

For real? This is what you say? Fuck, what an arrogant, superficial, cunt you are! You have more education and money than me so that means you're better, right? WRONG! I ended it with you because I figured *I* could do better than *you*! I plan to go back to school and get ahead too. Since you showed what a nasty horrible person you are, I realize I made the right decision! A girl with a good personality will be in my near future. And I'm sure she'll be more successful than you. Know why? Because my personality is what gets me the best girls. GOOD FUCKING BYE! —Looking For a Woman Who's Right For Me

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