Dear HRM, why do you hate my dogs?

Can I just say, that I love Halifax and its surrounding areas. It's so beautiful here, and there are so many green spaces and little pockets of nature within the city. So, being a dog owner, and coming from a city in NB where my poor canines have rarely had the opportunity to run full tilt on grass rather than concrete without walking for an hour to get to it, I was pretty stoked about moving here. Until I tried to find an apartment. Holy Jebus Halifax landlords, why do you hate dogs so much? It is impossibly dog prejudiced here. I mean, being a renter and having a drooling, barking, wiggling ball of fur is hard as it is, but really. I have offered extra pet deposits (which is illegal but you do what you gotta), a waiver of landlord liability form, references and vet records; all but sexual favours and still... nothing. I've been living in Dartmouth in a shitty apartment for almost a year now, renting from a dude who scammed the shit out of us because we didn't know any better, and now that our lease is almost up and I'm calling every Kijiji ad possible, I am reminded once again that my dogs are clearly vicious, scary, awful apartment ruiners (even though they never have, and wouldn't dare, damage anything, ever). Maybe it's time to start offering a monthly handjob along with my rent cheques if you'll just let the baby-killer-land-sharks live in your precious apartment too. —About to Move into a Cardboard Box With My Dogs

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