In the bedroom ok, not on the street please

Walking up a street this weekend towards one of the usual gathering spots after the pubs close, I noticed at the end of the street a young man pushing and slapping a young lady directly in front of me maybe fifty feet ahead, so I said to him "what are you doing to that young lady"? This young one turns around wild eyed and instantly says "What, you want to fight"? And comes straight towards me. I don't like to fight, and I don't like where fighting leads to, fighting just leads to more fighting and I don't find fighting fun. I didn't give a response I just leaned forward toward him and walked at him. He went to push me and I simply batted his hands away and leaned in so we were face to face with my hands behind my back in a motion saying to him "hit me". He seen I wasn't afraid and threw his arms up in the air and stepped back, so I stepped back as well. But this is what really gets me, the young lady came up on my right and put her hands on my arm and said "Don't worry, I like it when he hits me". I had to take another step back.

People are entitled to like whatever they want but all I ask is can you keep your boyfriend beating you up confined to your house? I know too many people who would of just put a thumping on him for hitting her without any words spoken, so please keep it not in the eye of the public. —Drinking is Changing Kids

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