Your vehicle makes you look like an asshole

Thank you. I appreciate that you have validated every bitch that has ever been uttered about trucks and the dicks who drive them with your shitty actions. It was pretty late at night and my car broke down and I needed a boost. You had a lifted truck. When I asked if you could boost me you looked at me, told me it would take too long, kept stuffing your face with fast food and then rolled up the window. It was fucking 2am and no one was around. Thanks for making my girlfriend and I wait in the cold for an hour you fucking prick.

Here's the deal: You were probably on coke. Your fake tan only furthers your perpetual masculinity complex induced actions such as your shitty fake tan, your stupid fucking Ed Hardy shirt and your dumb lifted chromed out truck. Hey douchebag, you lift your truck so you look bigger on the road, how about you "man up" and take it out on the dirt. Oh, that's right, you don't want to get it dirty. You Jersey Shore prick.

Also assholes who have a $100,000 Range Rover meant for driving down mountains: You use it to drive from South Park street to Spring Garden. Good job waisting a fine car for your vanity. You assholes are almost as good as the assholes with ferraris/GTR's. —Jealous Most Likely

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