No tipping!

For all the "underpaid servers" out there. For some reason every server feels they are entitled to receiving a tip, even fast food places are starting to have a tip cup. I worked at a gas station prior to starting a real career, I never received a tip. But when I'd walk down the road to get a coffee I would be expected to tip. Lets see, I'd pump the gas, clean both windshields, check the oil and maybe even fill up your tires. That's not tip worthy, but you serve someone a hot drink or plate of food and you think you work hard enough to be owed a tip? On a rare occasion I may leave a tip, but that's if the server was good at their job. Very few are and seem to have the attitude that the tip determines the service you receive. You accept a minimum wage job, do it until your old and gray! If you can't make ends meet don't look for a handout after you serve a meal, get a better job! And to whomever left the comment on here about if you can't tip after the meal, don't eat out. You live in a twisted reality and I'm sure you believed your parents when they told you every day that you were special. And look, you grew up to serve people food, you really deserve a tip. The world owes you nothing. —No Change

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