Dirty, disgusting tenants

I couldn't give two shits if you smoke, just stop throwing your still lit cigarette butts off of your balcony and onto mine. One of them landed in my cup of tea last week and another almost burned my leg. The building owners have been contacted. They sent around notices to all tenants and even knocked on doors. I've even caught you throwing your cigarettes and yelled up to you and asked you to stop. Still you persist. To put the cherry on the cake I came out on my balcony the other day to find a nice glob of spit on my patio chair. Really? You are fucking filthy and disgusting! First of all, how hard is it to get a tin can and put some dirt in it for your cigarette butts? Secondly, who the hell spits off of their balcony? We pay a shit load for rent, I'm talking over $1400 and I would think that includes a fucking spit-free balcony! I don't know what else I can possibly do---I love my apartment, I don't want to leave. Please, please, please get some manners and respect. —Hoping You Move Out Soon

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