Swinging motel

To a certain swingers group that has thier parties at a motel please show some respect for those that are staying at the same motel you are having your swinging couples parties at. NO ONE and I mean NO ONE wants to see women in very short skirts with no undies on prancing around as if they own the damn place nor see these so called gentlemen drooling and practically dry humping these women. It's a public place and not your private sex palace. Also, I have witnessed the day after how much you people are pigs. I felt so bad for the staff cleaning up after you people. I know it's their job but it seems that when the staff knows of this impending swingers party they all have the look of death on thier faces and dread your coming and trashing thier work place and taking advantage of all that they do to make your stay nice. —Happily Married Traveller

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