Never lend money to a so-called friend

I thought we had a special friendship and could always share our feelings good or bad. I stepped up many times emotionally and financially to be there for you through good and bad. You may not have always liked what I had to say but accountability is part of being a mature and responsible adult. Everyday I think of you and all I get is a pain in my chest.

You've hurt my heart more than you can know and have shown me your true colours. Now I know what your last boyfriend must've felt like after you used and tossed him to the side after you got what you wanted from him. You're selfish and self-centered and I can't believe I trusted and cared for you so much. My boyfriend warned me not to lend to friends that it was a bad mistake and I even concealed from him and everyone I know that I lent $4000 dollars to you over a 7 month period---with a promise from you to get the first $1500 back in 6 months. Without ever asking for a cent back until the end of April after you'd moved and started a new job in Hawai'i... buying things for yourself (new apt/scooter), as a friend I asked you to choose a comfortable payment plan starting a month later in May---if you had replied saying it was too soon, being the friend that I was I probably would've agreed to another few months if money was tight. What more could I have done?

I can only conclude from your silence that I was used and tossed aside so you didn't have to be reminded of what you owed me and you've started a new life like you always do and you have no intention of paying me back. Well I am here to remind you that you do owe me $4,000 and an explanation---I think I deserve at least that. I trusted you and you abused that trust. I hope you can live with knowing you lost a good friend who always put you first. You disappointed me. I don't know if we can ever be friends like we were again and that's sad. —A Broken Heart

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