Bitching about bikes? Fuck off

I have a car and a bike. It's much safer to drive you ignorant fucktards. Why do you think people on bikes ride on the sidewalk? Your hypocritic asses can't look both ways before turning, merging, can't figure out how to signal, etc.

I see it all the time. I'm driving down the road, and people can't even use their fucking blinkers. It's not that difficult. See that little lever? Push it. Your car is a hell of a lot bigger and sturdier than my bike. How about I get a semi and turn in front of you without signaling?

The worst is the assholes who run yellow lights. The guy with his blinker on? He's stuck there until the light turns. Stop your fucking vehicle at the yellow, or he gets to turn on a red, possibly causing an accident.

People can't fucking drive in this city. Every time it rains there's 10 fucking accidents. It's safer for the bikers to use the sidewalks than the road. Even then, one day I was on Robie Street near Spring Garden Road, walking down the sidewalk, and this woman almost hits me with her SUV. (I had to jump out of the way) She rolls down the window, I assumed to apologize but no, she tells me off for having the audacity to walk down the sidewalk and talk on the phone. I told her she had absolutely no excuse for not looking where she was going, I was on a sidewalk, and I was calling the cops to let them decide whether a pedestrian would be at fault. She took off squealing tires and almost caused another accident. Fucking moron.

Every one of you can shut the fuck up. The bicyclists need to stay on the fucking road (and your spandex does not make you go faster), and the motorists need to open their fucking eyes and learn to control their vehicle. Fuckers. —Bicyclist/Driver

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