Canada Day tattoo disaster

To the bald headed dumbshit that called ME the asshole and dick, dude! I didn't butt ahead of those bitches, they butt ahead of me first but I was nice enough to let it slide cause I had no idea that I would've been waiting over 6 hours in line just to be insulted and accused of cutting in front. Yes! A woman gave me a ticket that was ahead of me but she was only ahead of me by one stupid number! And the woman who told you I cut ahead of her: if that was the case then why is it that she was way behind me after arriving late in the afternoon whereas I had been there since 11am? Even as I politely agreed to let the stupid bitches go before me, you still kept calling me an asshole and a dick despite I had actually done no wrong? Pfft! It was to be my first ink and you've turned me off to the whole idea ever! Fuckin asshole! —Ink Virgin

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