Stripper poles

Stripper poles now in your neighbourhood bar. My friend came to visit me, we went downtown for a meal and a drink. There was a stripper pole to the right of us with an overweight broad rubbing her vagina all over the pole. She had a black thong on and we could see everything. I was with my male friend, we were eating a meal. This made us SICK. If we were at a strip bar then that could have been expected. On TV on the evening news there was clip about a parade downtown. There were many children watching the parade. There was a float in the parade with a female dancing up and down on a STRIPPER POLE. There were children watching this. I do not know where the morals are in this world. This younger crowd wathcing a woman dancing up and down the stripper pole with her legs wide open sliding up and down this pole. What next, a stripper pole in the mall. A stripper pole in the grocery store. This world has completely gotten out of control. This is for sure a sign of the end days. —Morally Wrong

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