Nepotism at its finest

I've been covering a job held by a woman on maternity leave for the past year. She's coming back to work in a few weeks. Of course, for the past few months I've been looking for work so when the job ends I won't be unemployed. However, I really enjoy this job, your company and am good at what I do.

Suddenly, luck comes my way and my colleague puts in his notice. The only difference between his job and mine is his is permanent. But he's leaving! Your company does a lot of hiring internally, so I applied, I even had a positive referral from my direct supervisor.

Turns out I didn't get the job. I lost out to your fucking 22-year-old nephew! Your precious little nephew, who has just a high school diploma and no experience in this field, needed a job. So you give him a position I had to apply for with experience and post-secondary education. I busted my ass for you for thirteen months! A position with the duties I've been performing for the past thirteen months becomes available and instead of offering ME the job, you hand it to your dipshit nephew. Fuck you! You, sir, are a fucking asshole and a total moron! I assure you, NO ONE is happy with your decision. The guy who's leaving just started training the kid, and he's already less than thrilled with your sister's baby boy.

It's people like you that make it so difficult for us genuinely hard-working individuals with no mommy-daddy-auntie-uncle connections to get ahead. I hope your flesh and blood runs your company into the ground! Oh, and did I also say, FUCK YOU?! —Out of a Job and Slapped in The Face

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