Tired of rude customer service

Today I was at the liquor store. I am well aware I am heavily tattooed and do get questions and comments about them, I am okay with this 99 percent of the time. So I go up to the cash to pay for my purchase and the middle aged women who was ringing me through said ”Is that a guy eating another guy on your arm?” pointing to my portrait of Bub of Day of the Dead. I replied with “Why yes it is!” This women then proceeded to say “That’s disgusting! Why would you want to do that to your body!?” I was so shocked! I could have said a thousand things back, but being the better person, I said “To each their own,” with a smile and walked out with my purchase. When I arrived home, I called the NSLC to make a formal complaint towards the employee and thankfully her supervisor was very understanding about my complaint. I explained that I did not want to cause any bad repercussion towards this employee but I was very insulted and thought that he should be aware of the customer service she was bringing their company. This behaviour however is unacceptable. I am a hairstylist and I would never ever tell any of my clients any part of them is disgusting. I just hope that when I have children some day that I will instill the values that they never have to right to judge anyone or make rude comments about them because they look a certain way. —Losing Hope in the Human Race

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