Sex in the city

As a young, attractive and smart girl, I find it a very discouraging experience to find someone on my level. Mind you, I do work full-time and I am a single mom, but I either get really old creepy men hitting on me or I scare the younger guys away, and I can only simmer this down to the fact that I am intimidating because I am smart and too normal. I guess what guys really want is just sex in this city and nothing more. If you are an airhead and all you really want is sex, you are in luck. If you want a good, solid guy with character who isn't a criminal or a moocher or a player it is harder than the media has made us believe. I'm a great catch but what saddens me is the grossest people or people who seem least desirable always have a man attached to them. Am I missing something? I have even tried online dating and the trolls I have found on there were no more than liars, manipulators and assholes. Tell me, I know there are great guys out there, I have met them and this is not written to hurt men. But where have all the good men gone? I am tired of only being a night call and nothing more. Exhausted...and looking. —The Cute Girl Without a Boyfriend

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