WTF is up with volunteer firefighters?

What's up with volunteer fire departments? We moved back to NS recently and decided to live on the outskirts of town, out in the country so to speak—with volunteer fire departments. First off I think it's great that these institutions exist—they build a lot of community pride and ownership.

But WTF is up with every volunteer fire department having a bunch of pre-teen or teen boys playing fireman all the time? Every time I drive by the station there are some douchey 17-year-olds out washing the fire engines, playing crappy umph umph umph out of their Walmart speakers in their 95 Sun Fire GT (the fancy one) and horsing around like a swimsuit model getting her titties wet with the hose for a photo shoot.

Then, no matter where you are in the province, 85 percent of the time when a dumb ass is tailgating you, or driving like an idiot, or involved in an accident, I promise you it will be a mid-90s domestic or Honda Coupe, a sticker across the back window declaring the brand of said Coupe, a shit pipe for a muffler and a crappy stereo cranking out the tunes. Oh yea—and a "Volunteer Firefighter" licence plate.

Maybe these stations should start having some standards of conduct for their members (ie. if you're on the job washing the trucks, wear a shirt and don't crank tunes out of your shitbox car, after all, when the front end falls of doing 140 km/h and you end up in the rhubarb—who do you think will be responding to the accident?). And, when the alarm goes off at the station, maybe don't endanger people's lives to get there? God, when the alarm goes off every dumb kid (in his Coupe) flies down the road usually twice the speed limit. I guarantee these people have no training in operating passenger vehicles at high rates of speed in residential areas, nor are they driving the types of vehicles that are meant for such. I know that getting to the emergency is important but at what cost? Kill two people on the way, but at least you minimized the damage to the house that was burning down. I'll never understand people. —WTF

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