Missed out on a great guy because of you two!

You, my thought-to-be good friend, and your boyfriend had a party. After having no luck with men (either in person or online) for the last while, I finally met someone great. He and I were immediately attracted to one another, and even better, we clicked! We both agreed we wanted to get to know one another better and exchanged numbers. Then I found out he was a friend of your boyfriend's. That was fine (we could go on double dates some times?).

After over an hour of talking to the guy one-on-one, your boyfriend came over and asked to speak to his buddy privately. At first, I thought nothing of it, but this private talk went on for a half hour. When they finally departed from this talk, your boyfriend says to the guy "I got your back, remember..." Suddenly this guy I liked became really standoffish. Eventually he went home. I never heard from him again. Even when I gave him a call, he never got back to me.

When I mentioned this to you, I'm told he wasn't right for me. I assumed you meant he may have seemed like a nice guy but he was actually a creep. It wasn't that at all. He was a good guy, apparently, but we wouldn't go good together. Then you suggested I just keep finding someone online.

Are you fucking kidding me?! Why would I want to keep trolling onling dating sites when there was a perfectly good guy I met in real life?? I don't know what the fuck your asshole boyfriend said to this guy but it was obviously something horrific about me and it was enough to convince this guy (who couldn't get enough of my attention before) to avoid me like the fucking plague! You probably know what your boyfriend said and you think he did nothing wrong. Who the fuck was HE, or you for that matter, to decide who I should go out with?

After meeting creep after creep, loser after loser, I finally met someone decent. But nope, you two had to put a stop to that, didn't you?! —Still Single

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