Nesting instinct

When you moved in the apartment was fine. You said that you didn't like the colour so I offered to paint THE ENTIRE APARTMENT once you found one you liked. Yes there was a lot of food in the freezer but I don't like throwing it out. You or the other new roommates might have wanted to eat it. You threw a fit over crackers (that came out of the freezer) that were expired and even after you got the furniture you still complained about every frivolous thing imaginable. You Javexed the counter resulting in bleach stains on the wood and even went as far as taking hand cream from the bathroom that someone else bought and put it next to my computer as to suggest I was pulling it in the bathroom. Then you told an entire party that you "live with an alcoholic" when I have two beer after work and go downtown every second weekend. I've done nothing to deserve the way you act and how I've been demonized. If you rearrange the living room three times and you still don't like it then act like it's my fault since I've been in this apartment before you. I'm not to blame for "bringing you into this apartment." Sorry it wasn't to your aesthetic standard or that you found out you didn't like it. You only talk to men who are tall and have never complained to our other roommate WHO DOES NOTHING. I guess you see him as the alpha Chimp you estrogen injecting monkey. You left saying something like "I can't leave my contact number with you I'll call you for mail." Let me let you in on a little secret. I DON'T FIND YOU ATTRACTIVE AND YOU'RE A BITCH. Go straight to hell. —Regular Guy

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