Self-righteous attitudes

I have a truck. It is hard on gas. It is the workhorse for my family. I don't take it on long trips, we use my wife's car for that. However, I do commute with it because it is not practical to have a third vehicle ( additional insurance, parking, maintenance...not good). I am amazed at how many people will take a snotty self-righteous attitude towards me because I'm not driving a small car. Vile disgusting insinuations like I don't care about the environment, that I should be taxed, shunned, et cetera. Well, fuck you! The next time you need a washing machine picked up from a store, or a load of lumber for your fence, or help know—the reason why I have the truck for my family—the next time you ask me to help you out, I'm going to tell you about how terrible my truck is, and how evil I am. I am going to remember you about what you said to me. —Yes, This is My Truck. No, I Will Not Help You Move

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