Sloppy seconds on Justin Timberlake's wedding?

I love following the celebrities. But when they go to a pile of trouble to avoid the public and get married and then make a big announcement to the world that they pulled the wool over our eyes and got hitched in secret I get a little pissed. Then the next week they are on the cover of a popular magazine in their wedding clothes and we are supposed to gobble up the mag and their wedding story??? HUH??? If that ain't a money making scheme I don't know what is. If you went to the trouble of avoiding the public in the first place then think you are going to make a million with your face plastered over the cover of a magazine, you are out of luck. I get it that you would like some privacy on your wedding day but hello, you are a celebrity—that is why they pay you the big bucks!!! You money grubbin assholes can keep your secrets and your magazine. I'm not interested in secondhand news. I WAS a fan and I deserve better. —Shove it, Justin

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